Wireless Digital Radiography Systems

Compact Footprint

  • Less than 2.5 square feet and standing only 32″ high
  • Ideal for small exam rooms or offices where space is limited

Image Quality

  • Can process up to 94 images per hour
  • Provides 10 pixel/mm resolution image acquisition and display

    Capable of high resolution which is ideal for orthopedic and extremity applications

Flash IIP Console

  • An innovative workstation that features powerful productivity to operate more efficiently
  • With the Flex UI software, you can customize the Flash IIP to fit your needs

Streamline Workflow Like Never Before

  • Can process an exam in as little as 3 steps
  • Includes a wide range of advanced QC functions
  • Touch screen monitors and barcode readers
  • DICOM CR Store outputs images directly to PACS
  • Burn images in DICOM format to DVD or CD

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