State-of-the-Art Software for Digital Radiography Flat Panel Detector

Intuitive Operation

  • Wide Range of Settings may be Selected
  • Images can be Taken within Three Touches

Emergency Study

  • Exams can be Started Immediately for Quick Operation
  • Patient Information can be Associated with Images Before the End of the Exam

PrePack Protocol Operation

  • Enables a Single Click Selection for a Specific Examination

Suspend Exam

  • Patient Exposure can be Suspended and Restarted for Multiple Sessions

Post Processing Functions

  • Wide Range of Processing Functions including Measurements, Angulations, Quick R&L Marker, Free Annotation, Irregular Masking and More

Warm & Cool Color Settings

  • Ideal for Light or Dark Rooms

DICOM Modality Worklist Capability

  • Supports Program Imaging Mode, Optimized Workflow, Reduces Operational Steps, and Multiple Study Acquisition

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