The FMT18T System was designed with features proven to optimize work­flow, patient care and technologist productivity. This ­Floor-mounted configuration is ideal for imaging environments requiring high-volume throughputs, such as hospital radiology departments and medical imaging centers. Its tube stand features a sophisticated LCD touchscreen console, which supports enhanced capabilities to offer a more genuine patient experience. By integrating with a DR System and compatible generator, technologists are given the ability to adjust generator technique factors without leaving the patient’s side. The system embraces operational efficiency through its touchscreen console, ergonomically designed user controls, and an industry-leading patient weight capacity of up to 800 lbs. The FMT18T System was developed through innovation to produce the highest quality diagnostic images with ease. Built in the USA, it is prepared to deliver many years of continuous use and exceptional user-satisfaction.

Vertical and SID Tracking

Synchronized motorized movement of the tube stand’s vertical axis maintains precise centering between the x-ray tube and image receptor. Available functions include vertical tracking to the wall stand and SID tracking to the elevating table. The result is quick, accurate alignment without the extra time and effort needed to make additional manual adjustments.

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